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Our mission at Terra Joy Edible landscapes is to get people of all ages curious and excited about the newest  trend rising on the American landscape scene......Self- sustaining residential agriculture... The edible landscape and the best part about it is,  you use plants that pay for themselves. Thats right! We provide you with all the plants and  information needed to create and plant an edible landscape that is both beautiful and practical.            Going green  Saves green $$$ .

 Our first event this year will be the St.MaryAnne Garden Mart held on Friday may 2nd. from 9-7pm. and again on Saturdat 9-4pm.This is the get all you need market event of the season. We will be located in the center of the market...come and visit and talk about your plans with us and we will help you get started...or finished.
We are an innovative, educational fruit and herb nursery and craft shop that combines comprehensive informational and design  services with a complete product line of fruit tres,  shrubs, quality herbs, and specialty accents that help you create "The Edible Landscape Garden Lifestyle ". Begin building an Edible Landscape and a new way of life in your own back yard today. Its both easy and rewarding. We grow everything all natural "the old fashion way" using no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.   

Thanks to you and all of our satisfied customers we have outgrown our Betterton Md. property and are now operating from the town of Northeast Md., in Cecil County  It is strategically and conveniently located at 19 N. Main Street, just across the bridge in downtown Northeast, Md. We re-opened our specialty nursery in October of 2011 ahead of schedule and the response has been great! . Definitely a must see and experience destination when visiting NorthEast. People of all ages love Terra Joy !

Available now thru the fall 2014 season ending December 21st. for delivery, pick-up or by walk in: (All plants listed below are 2 or 3 gallon 2yr.old fruiting plants and shrubs).You will harvest fruits from these plants the season you buy them.

Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Kiwi, Strawberry, Cranberry, Currants, Gooseberry Grapes and  4 varieties of FIGS .Pomegranate in limited quanity

We have added some very special local crafters to fill out our environmental products. Available now are local honey's from Dan White,owner of Mason/Dixon Apiary, Wrought Iron structures and yard accents from Vince Bomba of Red Pepper Forge here in NorthEast and amazing one of a kind outdoor metal artworks by Joy Miller. there is something here for evryone that loves nature in its purity and purpose.  

The majority of our plants, trees, vines and brambles are self pollinating 2yr. old shrubs and all are high yielding producers of quality fruits . We also have a comprehensive selection of 3 yr. old specialty fruiting trees such as Quince Pineapple Pear, Pomegranate, Bing and Stella Cherry , Santa Rosa and Burbank  Plums. and several native berry producers like Amelanchier and Aronia. All of our plant material  comes with a valuable "how to" guide filled with easy to understand information highlighting varietal descriptions , planting instructions,  individual plant needs, as well as  harvesting and pruning instructions. We also offer an extensive line of culinary, medicinal and aromatic herbs that provide multiple usefulness and diversity within the landscape. We sell top quality, mature, established plants, shrubs and fruiting trees that are in certified excellent health therefore we do not guarantee plants once they are sold but will freely advise you should you encounter a problem. 

You can  contact us @443-480-5417 to inquire about our variety packages. We sell a 6 plant and 10 plant package "our best value" that provides you with shrubs, vines and brambles, a fruit tree and groundcovers. Its a good start to a healthy way of living !                                                                                                                              For info on  Classes,fruit plants and shrubs and to place an order:Call 443-480-5417  
 For our Herbs and custom ordered wreaths, dried and living.        Call 443-480-5416

For product information or for placing an order or scheduling a workshop email your request to sales@ terrajoyediblelandscapes.com.

For questions regarding availability, delivery, pick-up, or custom orders and services email questions@terrajoyediblelandscapes.com

Remember, we do landscapes with Plants That Pay For Themselves ! They are much more than pretty plants to look at. Enjoy the harvest...we know the kids sure do. Start a healthy lifestyle today by creating an edible landscape for tomorrow.  
Terra Joy believes in community activism with the goal of maintaining , restoring and adding to the quality of our individual lives as well as our natural environment and encourages groups, schools and clubs to contact us for workshops, crafting seminars and speaking engagements. Awareness is the birthplace of change. Start a new way of landscaping and living today. Enjoy a better tomorrow and we will all reap a bountiful harvest . 

Our Store Hours are Saturday 10:00am.- 6:00pm. Every other Sunday also,please call ahead to see if that Sunday works for you. Come and visit our tranquil creekside setting and shop both are truly one of a kinds. :)                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sincerely,

                                                Woody & Christine Carter       

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