Creating A Wonderful Outdoor Environment

OutdoorSpring has sprung! It’s time to create a wonderful and innovative outdoor environment. For instance, a garden can take the form of sustainability or food production. This will bring a substantial return on land investment. Or an environment can also become a decorative landscape, one which will add beauty and style to a home.

In an area of the country with food problems, where there’s little access to natural foods, planting crops that are conducive to the warm temperatures will prove most helpful.

Tomatoes are easy to plant and produce a relatively quick harvest. In addition, they can be planted throughout the country. They’re practical for a variety of uses; first fruits usually come at around 52 days or two months. Sweet corn, and sweet potatoes, also known as yams, are common crops planted in these warmer climates. Eggplant is a favorite of many, and the warm weather is perfect for this nutritious vegetable. Watermelons are also suitable; they serve as a natural refreshment on the dog days of summer.

Harvest time for watermelons is around three months due to their large size. For eggplant, sweet corn and yams, harvest time is around five months. But the food result will be substantial. All these crop seeds can be easily found at your local hardware or major retail garden center. You only need a pesticide, fertilizer, sun, water, and crop seeds.

Want to create a work of art? Then a landscaped garden will suit your needs! Choose from a large variety of herbs and flowers. These will serve a dual purpose; they can serve as both food source and decoration. How cool is that?

Cardamom is a perennial plant that is both decorative and nutritious. It’s used to give flavor to pastries, coffee, and other foods. It grows up to 10 feet tall and produces several two-foot long leaves. Mint is another perennial that grows throughout the warm months. Its small, dark green leaves give a touch of class to any environment. The sweet scent can pervade through the house. Spearmint and peppermint are the most well known, and are also used in medications. Sage is a beautiful purplish plant that can decorate a landscape. Its leaves can be used either dried or fresh for many uses. Anise can be used either as an indoor or outdoor plant and also as food. It grows small white flowers that enhance any environment. It can also be used for medicinal purposes.

That’s the essence of how to get the most for your land. Many of these plants can be grown indoors as well, giving an air of usefulness and practicality that pays off substantially and naturally.